About Us

In the 1950’s and 60’s the Springfield community held an annual celebration that consisted of food, games, fireworks, music and family fun. Most of the festivities were held in the big field at Old Keene Mill Road and Commerce Street (where Giant and K-Mart are today).

In the early days of the community the annual event was held on July 4th and organized by service organizations, the Springfield Civic Association, Volunteer Fire Department and local businesses. As the community continued to grow and thrive so did celebrations, community infrastructure and county services and the July 4th event migrated away from a local focus.

In the 1980’s the business community began a new tradition called Springfield Days that connected the business and residential community through sidewalk sales and special events. That tradition has evolved throughout the years into a full blown community wide celebration that harkens back to the good old days. The business community, Park Authority and various service organizations have teamed up to offer the very best in family fun and entertainment.